ED's Message

Manoj Sharma
Executive Director
Resonance Eduventures Ltd
Head (Pre-Medical & JEE-Main Division)
PGPMAX (Executive MBA) from ISB, Hyderabad,
B.Tech. (DT), MBA, M.S., MSW, MID, MA, MDPM & IR,
Advance Diploma in Management & Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Dear Student,

ResoSTEP is a pioneering initiative of Resonance. ResoSTEP is a step by Resonance to approach, identify and nurture meritorious students and help them in achieving their potential and fulfilling their destinies.

ResoSTEP will benefit student by making them participate in a competition organized at national level. It will assess their proficiency at a level higher than school level, and thus after benchmarking them at national level, it will nurture them till their dreams are realized.

ResoSTEP is laden with cash rewards of 44 Lakh+ for students and schools. Top students will also win tours in various regions of India. Top-200 students in each class will also win scholarships for classroom coaching in JEE (Main), Pre-Medical Division at Resonance Kota Centre, PSPD at all Study Centres & D/eLPD at all Study Centres. We are proud to unveil another path breaking initiative. In this program, students who secure seats in prestigious institutes of India will be given monetary support by Resonance during their entire graduation duration.

Take this step today, and ensure your success in future. I welcome and implore you all to enrol in Edition-3 ResoSTEP and reap its rich rewards.

Wishing you all the best,