ResoSTEP - Resonance Scholarship and Talent Encouragement Program

Introduction to ResoSTEP

ResoSTEP (Resonance Scholarship and Talent Encouragement Program) is one such step, that aims to identify the potential within students and take all necessary steps to ensure that this talent is encouraged, till it reaches the heights, it is destined for. ResoSTEP is a comprehensive program, which appreciates and award merit and would support a student for the entire duration of coaching and graduation as well.

ResoSTEP is laden with cash rewards of 40 Lakhs+ for students and schools. Top students, principals and school coordinators will also win tours in various regions of India. Top-200 students in each class will also win scholarships in classroom programs JEE (Main), Pre-Medical Division at Resonance Kota Centre, PSPD at all Study Centres & D/eLPD at all Study Centres. In addition to all these, we are proud to unveil another path breaking initiative. In this program, students who secure seats in prestigious institutes of India will be supported monetarily by Resonance during their entire graduation duration.

Benefits for Students

  • Participation in a competition organized at National level with many participants.
  • Assessment of proficiency at a level larger than school level.
  • Bench-marking of individual performance at School and National Level.
  • Rewards & Recognition to performance & excellence.
  • Scholarship for competitive coaching & future studies at graduate level.
  • An exposure and awareness to future Competitive Environment.
  • Opportunity for students is smaller towns/cities.
  • Talent Encouragement.
  • Self-assessment for Aptitude level testing.
  • Early Start for competition and removing fear of exams from students.

Benefits for Schools, Teachers and Principals

  • Exposure of school students to a national level competition.
  • Opportunity to benchmark school with other schools.
  • Rewards & recognition to principals and Coordinators based on student participation.

ResoSTEP - Success Graph