Terms & Conditions

  • Prizes Titles: The prizes titles may be changed within the monetary worth of the prize.
  • Tie Breaker: In case of more than one participating student secure equal aggregate marks in stage-II then the better Rank shall be given by comparing scores individually in the subjects in decreasing priority order of:
    • For Class 8, 9 & 10: General Science (P, C & B), Mathematics, Mental Ability & General Awareness.
    • For Class 11 & 12 (Math & Bio): Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology & Mental Ability.
    • If individual scores in all the subjects are also equal then the student youngest in age shall be given higher rank.
  • Domestic Tours: 5 Domestic tours itineraries will be prepared. Those who win tours will be allowed to choose any of the trip from those choices. If none of the tours are availed, it will not be compensated by any cash amount.
  • Non-Transferability of prizes: All the prizes are non-transferable in terms of person or prize title.
  • A student must produce required documents to claim his/her Award/Prize Money (as required by Resonance).
  • A student not present in felicitation function can send his parents or siblings in the function. In case, nobody (student, parents or siblings) turns up for function, student will be awarded only half of prize money he/she has won.